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Donation Requests

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We are able to offer a limited number of Super Awesome Cool gift cards as donations each year. Super Awesome Cool is a business that believes in supporting organizations that work to benefit children. We give to our partners first and then look at other requests as they arrive. Please contact us through the form below.


Super Awesome Cool Pottery believes in working with schools and community partners to provide beneficial Partnerships!

Our partner organizations host after school classes, workshops, and/or summer programming. Organizations we work with include public, private and charter schools, community centers, botanical gardens, country clubs, neighborhood association clubhouses, not for profit and for profit institutions. We work closely with our partners to provide for the location’s specific needs including free festival activities, door prizes, spirit nights, art materials and more.

School’s Partner Welcome Packet:

At the beginning of each school year, we provide a welcome packet full of goodies to help support your students, and teachers!

We are excited to work with you, please Contact us today!

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Please note that our resources are limited and not all requests can be fullfilled.